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The perfect partner for the hotel!

Every hotel unit hosts a multitude of visitors with different needs and preferences every day. But their demand for tasty and quality beverages remains common.

Caferama presents the “Nestle Hotelia” program!

Our team is at your disposal for any information or clarification, as well as to present the “Nestle Hotelia” program adapted to your own professional needs and requirements.

Coffee Machines HORECA

Our company is a special partner of NESTLE!

NESTLE, based on three points: enjoyment- specialization-completeness, takes care to offer machines of high credibility and specialization, as well as unique coffee varieties that will excite your customers.

Our goal is to be able to offer to your guests the coffee they want, at the time they want it, in the best possible quality! Besides, it is known that a good, authentic coffee, at the right time, creates the sense of well-being and relaxation that every customer needs!

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About us

Dynamic, quality –oriented and customer focused, CAFERAMA is an emerging force in the vending industry.

  • 100% Nestle beverage quality

    Authentic & Quality beverages are ideally preserved in our special vending machines.

  • Durable construction

    Our machines are durable & robust constructions and are ideal for small & large spaces.

  • According to your needs

    In response to the customer’s expression of interest, we offer advice on the purchase of the right machine.

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Why to choose HORECA coffee machine?

HORECA coffee machines offer in your guests the opportunity to spend more time in your hotel, to enjoy an excellent drink in your lobby, without using specialized staff.

HORECA coffee machines offer a wide variety of beverages to your customers, and each machine can offer hundreds of cups of coffee daily – without keeping your staff busy.

Your hotel has special needs, and we are here to help you choose the ideal model! Feel free to contact with our team and ask us about your business.

Our company is next to you, supporting you contiguously with direct & specialized service, answering any question you may have about the optimal use of our machines. With hundreds of satisfied partners, we continue to dynamically offer our well-known excellent services!


Caferama 630 300x450
Coffee Machine 630 HORECA
CHARACTERISTICS: Model: 630 Width cm: 30 Depth cm: 47 Height cm: 54 Weight kg: ...
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Caferama 860 300x450
Coffee Machine 860 HORECA
CHARACTERISTICS: Model: 860 Width cm: 45 Depth cm: 58 Height cm:: 60 Weight kg: ...
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Caferama FTP 30 300x450
Coffee Machine FTP 30 HORECA
CHARACTERISTICS: Model: FTP 30 Width cm: 32 Depth cm: 55 Height cm: 57 Weight ...
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Caferama KREA 300x450
Coffee Machine KREA HORECA
CHARACTERISTICS: Model: KREA Width cm:41 Depth cm:60 Height cm: 75 Weight ...
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